More Studies That May Shed Light on Brain Connections and Healing

Because of various studies I explored going barefoot, floor living, high-fat ketogenic diet, regular aerobic and anaerobic exercise, and other practices to help restore God’s engineering so my body and brain were able to function as fully as possible, including maximizing healing over time. So far, these have born amazing fruit. Here are a few more studies that shed light on various aspects of the brain. Keep in mind they reveal specific things that may not seem to relate to brain injury directly; however, the concepts they reveal likely have a lot to do with neural connections and healing, which has obvious applications for long term brain injury healing.

Please see the links below, and may God startle you with joy!

Brain Gut Connection

Numerious stidues reveal a strong connection between the health of our gut and the health of our brain. Second only to the central nervous system, our gut has the highest concentration of neural pathway and neruons in the body. The better we take care of our gut health, the more our brain can be as healthy as possible. Do Gut Bacteria Make a Second Home in our Brains?

Neural Connections Without Direct Synapses?

My brain had a hard time following the details of this one, but the concept seems intreaguing and matches my experience. Though I have significant axonal difusion (brain sheering that leads to the severing of neural connections throughout the brain due to coup-countre-coup, I am able to functions in ways that the brain scans say I oughtn’t. Perhaps this is part of how, in addition to God’s grace. Are there ways to help fascilitate generation of these connections? Perhaps the basic idea of going “as fast as I can, as slow as I must” allows the brain to be pushed yet in a positive balance of brain energy so maximum healing can happen, combined with regular exercise and quality diet help promote it? Other Pathways when Neurons are Severed

Sun Helps Cognitive Function?

Exercise outside, ideally in the wilderness has been my approach all along. Vitamine D, it turns out, is key to cognitive function. I suspect, as with all things, the Vitamin D our bodies naturally produce is superior to any suppliment we could take. Still, in the winter in the non-tropical latitudes, perhaps Vitamine D suppliments are a good way to go. Vitamine D and Cognitive Disorders