Migraines and “TBI Headaches”

These come in many flavors and with brain injury they seem to ramp up exponentially to the point that a “regular” migraine looks like a friendly kitty cat. Sardonic grin. Oh, and they can go on for days, weeks, months and even seem perminant.

Homeopathy has helped me a LOT here, to the point that I rarely get them anymore and when I do, they are usually gone before they really get started, within a few hours to half a day. I use two different Banerji protocols:

Migraine: Picricum Acidum 200C Belladonna 6C

Migraine w/ nausia: Sanguinaria 200C Belladonna 6C

These can be found at a healthfood store or ordered online. These are teh most effective potencies, but if you can only get 30C (what the stores often carry), that's a great place to start.

Disolve one pellet of each under your tongue every 15 minutes up to 4-6 times, then ever hour or so (it may naturally spread out as you “forget” you have a headache ... that means it's working!) until very much better. Repeat as needed. There are no known side effects to homeopathics and they do not interact with prescription drugs.

To find a homeopath to work with, I recommend Banerji Homeopathy (it's what Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta often used). In the US, contact Joette Calabrese's office and asking them for a list of the homeopaths that she has trained. https://joettecalabrese.com/