Life Sciences from Womb to Tomb

New York and other states have now passed laws making it legal to kill a baby up until the navel is visible as s/he is being born. This is murder and evil and we are an abhorrent society to allow it, let alone have leaders who celebrate it.

What has this to do with brain injury? If society doesn't recognize the clear and established scientific facts that:

  1. Life begins at conception
  2. Life conceived of a human egg and human sperm is human

... there is nothing to prevent society from deciding that non-contributing members of society aren't human either, so people with disabilities could lose the right to their insurance, social assistance, legal states as individuals ... if a full-term baby isn't recognized as human and alive and thus murdering her or him is legal, we live in a society without moral fabric and any evil you can imagine could become legally justified. As we treat the most vulnerable among us, so may we too be treated one day, no matter our age.

Human life is sacred, begins at conception, and a just society protects it until death, for every human life has value, meaning, and purpose beyond reckoning, no matter their capacity. Social justice that denies this reality isn't social and isn't justice.

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