One Year Stick Free!

Barbara, my wife, tells it this way: “One year ago today (11–25–2012, this was first published, 2013) we got back from Mass on Christ the King and you asked me to watch you. You leaned your sticks against the garage and took off. My instincts from years of having to catch you when you fall had me diving. But you kept going. Down the road. Past the bridge. Out of sight. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I watched you go.”

While praying Liturgy of the Hours’ Morning Prayer, I felt called to go for a run without my sticks. Prudence dictated I wait for Barbara to return from Mass in case I misunderstood and was stuck without sticks crawling back home. I ended up running 5k. Without sticks.

I have brain injury, and with it constant neurological vertigo. I still do. Being neurological, it will be with me the rest of my life or until a miraculous healing. In the meantime, God has given me, and us, the miracle of being able to walk and run without sticks. How? God’s engineering. A miracle of God’s engineering. By going barefoot (which I began doing two and a half years before), my body has slowly regained the capacity to use proprioception to know where I am in space. My brain still has no idea where I am, though I run technical mountain trails. But being barefoot, or in huarache sandals or leather moccasins, GOd has given me the gift of walking and running without sticks, starting one year ago today.


May God startle you with joy this Feast of Christ our King.