Doctors, Doctors everywhere, but Not a One to See!

Massive change in regulation as a result of Obamacare hit our nation on January first, 2014. Doctors are afraid, and they should be. So should their patients. I understand from a hospital board member that the penalty for a doctor’s first offense of not following the regulation is a $100,000 fine. Second offense is lose of their medical license. If that’s true (and I’ve every reason to believe it is), our government is giving doctors less benefit of the doubt than various criminals, who at least get a three-strike rule in their favor before the heavy consequences hit.

UPDATE: See update below for some good news!

Some of the doctors I know are shifting out of the medical field because they can not see a way to be a doctor anymore. It would seem to be true.

I have been looking for a new doctor since I fired my doctor for failing to take my need for accommodation into consideration when requiring tests before he would sign my insurance papers (He saw me at Thanksgiving, had no substantive questions, there was a delay in him receiving and submitting my paperwork, and then January hit. I presume there was a review of his cases and some bureaucrat told him what care he needed to give me (a complete reevaluation of all my symptoms as though we didn’t have any tests or scans showing the cause of vertigo and cognitive issues, albeit 10 years old). Here’s the full story. I took 36 days to fully recover from attempting to fulfill one of his tests.

I still do not have my disability insurance paperwork signed by a doctor. I’ll be seeing my primary care doc today to hopefully address that issue while we (my wife, primarily, because of all the details), continues to find an MD doctor who understands brain injury and sees chronic brain injury patients.

So far, recommendations have turned up empty. Everyone recommends the doctor I fired, and he is the first and usually only doctor recommended in the Colorado Springs area. The head of rehabilitation recommended a doctor in Pueblo, but he specializes in sports injuries and getting athletes back out on the field, and will not see someone who is addressing the issues of chronic brain injury recovery. The head of rehabilitation’s only other advice? Fix things with your old doctor or perhaps a general practitioner is the way to go. Perhaps.

Doctors, doctors everywhere, but not a one to see.

The medical field is extremely broken. Yes insurance requires I be seen by an MD doctor who will certify to my ongoing disability. The real brain injury specialists are neuropsychologists (who are PhD’s, not MDs). MD’s do not often address brain injury, and when they do it is not chronic, long term recovery, but acute medial care they provide. Learn about the difference here.

Most doctors still practicing fail to understand the benefits of restoring God’s engineering, such as going barefoot, floor living, Ketogenic diet, exercise, and more. It’s not acute care and it does not make any sense to them. Yet the medical world has not been able to help me in any way except a diagnosis and filling out paperwork. That’s sad. I want a doctor who can help me with my long term recovery, who understands the rules of long term recovery are different from acute rehabilitation. But that doctor does not appear to exist.

Doctors, doctors everywhere, but not a one to see.

UPDATE: I just saw the GP I used to see and my wife sees. Wow. She knew what a ketogenic diet was and what some of the effects were. She understands chronic, long term recovery and brain injury. Her nurse deeply understands brain injury from personal experience with a family member. The fact that I sat on the floor with ear plugs and noise canceling headphones one phased no one. This great doc has agreed to see me and handle my insurance paperwork. Yes!