Are Your Eyes Covered? I Need a Drink.

This is what my wife asked me last night as I was in bed. It seems absurd. Yet with brain injury it makes perfect sense, and it well illustrates what families with a brain injured person do all the time to accommodate their brain injured member.

I’ll break it down for understanding. If light changes suddenly, unexpectedly, my brain short circuits. I’m done. In that instant, I no longer have the brain energy to ignore the constant vertigo. I instantly need help to walk or I have to slump to the floor. Thus, before anyone turns a light on or off, regardless of where I am in the house, they announce it, give time so I can cover my eyes, and then turn it on. This has become normal for us.

“Are your eyes covered? I need a drink” was my wife’s shorthand for “I’m turning on the kitchen light and getting water, watch your eyes.” Just part of normal life with brain injury that most folks never see or understand. After all, a light going on or off makes no difference to them.