God with us

God with us

Acceptance comes when we finally stop trying to change reality and we know that God is with us. The more we can experience God being with us, especially during the harder times, the easier it is for us to accept what we are going through.


 I often hear “God doesn’t give us something we can’t handle.” Horse apples! If that were true we wouldn’t have suicide. It also assumes that God gave us this blasted TBI in the first place. God always offers us the grace to handle our challenges, but we have to turn toward God and accept his gift.

How to Accept Grace

Accepting God’s grace usually means letting go of something in ourselves that is less than what God created us to be.

Who did God create us to be? Genesis tells us that we are made in God’s image. God created us each to be a unique expression of him. That expression is the fullness of who God created us to be.

However, because we have an inclination toward ignoring God and doing our own thing (sin), we often pile mud and muck all about ourselves and mistake it for who we are. Sometimes accepting God grace, the very grace we need to handle life’s challenges, means letting go of some of this mud and muck that isn’t really us.

Signs of Acceptance

Signs that we are beginning to accept the reality of our TBI include: not flinching when we mention to someone that we have TBI, beginning to be aware that others around us have challenges also, being thankful for all that we do have, and starting to ask ourselves “What can I do?”.

Deciding to Enjoy Life

Happiness is nothing more than being content with what is. Happiness is a decision to enjoy what is. It is not some elusive butterfly that flitters from flower to flower. Happiness is the decision to seek the joy rather than the pain.


Words are important and powerful. I am convinced that until we can accept the word disabled, we can not accept our disability.

I am not differently abled,
 I am disabled.
 There are indeed things
 I can not do.
 There are many I can.
 I feel the loss,
 I see others daily
 doing what I can not.
 This is not merely different,
 It is wrong.
 I am, however, powerless
 to change what is
 and so I focus on what I can do.
 Because in this I
 Find life and hope.
 –Patrick A. Jones


Written before we had any idea I had TBI.

Rejoice! My heart leaps in gladness
 as I gaze across our stream and remember
 all that I have done.
 Rejoice! It screams out through the
 fog of vast spinning, questions, uncertainty and fear,
 that what I have done may perhaps be
 lost from me forever.

How thankful am I that I have run
 on frosty morns through the Garden of Eden and
 seen sun’s gleam upon golden aspen’s shield,
 on the path where deer, bear, and cougar tread!

How thankful am I that I have, in
 wobbly kilted grace, glided upon our next door lake.
 Sharing my clumsiness with my beloved and our wee one,
 Skating with a crystal breeze upon our face!

How thankful am I that I have lived
 as full and well as I may.
 Because I now find myself upon the
 threshold of journeying in some new, unexpected way.

Blessed are you Lord, God of all creation,
 for in your goodness you have given me the life
 I’ve thus far led. Grant me the courage to live
 the one that waits, and may I always run and glide,
 even in the crisp clear memory of a tear.
 –Patrick A. Jones

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